Crazy for e-books!

I absolutely love to read; I devour books like some people devour chocolate. Unfortunately, a lot of the books I like to read are not available at my local library or bookstore. So, I have to order them online. No biggie, I am glad that I can find them at all. But, of course, the cost is an issue, because you also have to add shipping charges. I may be able to find good deals on used copies, but if I have several different titles from several different sellers, the cost can really add up. I have been reading Candy’s blog, and purchased both of her e-books: Housewife’s Best Friend and Mom’s Survival Guide . They were reasonably priced, there are no shipping charges, and they are available immediately to be downloaded. I love it! Another e-book I bought recently, which I also absolutely love, is Momma’s Guide to Growing Your Own Groceries , by Kimberly Eddy. She also has some other books, some of which I hope to read soon, at her bookstore . So, I’m on an e-book quest for now….anyway, just thought I’d share…

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  1. LOve Your Page Jessica!!!

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