I won!

I never win anything, but I did today!  Yay!  Here is the post, over at Se7en.

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The Six

The six

The six

Almost the end of the day; after dinner but before baths.  The “warmer” weather has allowed us to be outside more, which makes for some wonderfully dirt-stained kiddos!  Now evening is approaching, the sun is starting to hide and there is a chill in the air again…as well as a chill in their happy attitudes as the day’s hard play catches up with their little bodies!  But, dad wanted a recent picture of them, and we pushed through it as best we could.  This is the result.

It takes a little longer for spring to show it’s face where we live.  Our snow only recently melted and just being able to see the ground, however brownish and “un-green” it may be, is a cause for celebration for us.  The same 40-50 degree weather that prompts us to break out our coats in the fall also prompts us to break out our t-shirts in the spring!  Barbecues in brisk, runny-nose weather…we endure it knowing that warmer days are coming…

Happy Spring; a month late from us here in colder climates!


So my usual second trimester burst of energy only lasted about a month this time around.  I. was. miserable. from about February and on.  BUT, all went well, and our new baby boy is here:

April 4, 2009, 1:12 AM

April 4, 2009, 1:12 AM

And this is him now, 2 weeks old:

James Henry, 2 weeks old

James Henry, 2 weeks old

My mom has come and gone, along with Easter, it is spring break for the neighborhood kids, which means no school for us this week–our doorbell rings all day long.  Besides, we are finally having beautiful weather and who wants to stay inside all day?

I am trying to find a “groove” with this new baby and my husband being deployed; but things are going well.  The baby is pretty predictable, just like the others and it’s easy to work around his schedule.

Now we just wait for the next big event–dad’s return home!  It can’t come soon enough!