Daughter of the King of Kings, wife to one handsome hispanic, mommy to 5 6 earthly blessings, one being knit, and one with Jesus. I love my God, I love my family, and I love my job. My home is my castle, where I strive to be the wife God wants me to be and to raise His arrows for His glory.


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  1. Hi! I didn’t realize how long it had been since I had visited you. Things have been busy 🙂 Are you still blogging? Is there a more recent site out there? I hope so–I used to read your blog daily and loved it.

  2. Thanks again Jessica for visiting my blog! I see that you are into dresses too. You have a beautiful family, God bless, Rose

  3. Hey Jess!

    I remembered you had created a blog and searched my email for the address. It had been many years since I visited! I found your previous blog site and it sent me here. I’m happy to see you have been (mostly) keeping up with it. I hope you write more soon. I’ve just begun my blog and I’m having fun with it. Writing is great stress relief.

    Love you!

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