Childless or Childfree?

Okay, I must say, I almost couldn’t read this article because of how angry I was becoming! I will just say it–these people are selfish, whether they want to admit it or not.

Here is the link:

One last word–overpopulation is a MYTH, and Jonathan McCalmont’s statement that the government “is wooing parents with longer maternity pay, paternity leave, flexible hours, and family tax breaks” is ridiculous and ignorant.

Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate. Psalm 127: 3-5

God’s word says that a man is happy when he has a quiver full of children. I am sorry for Mariah from Sweden, who chose to be sterilized at the age of 25, and may possibly never know this happiness.


Thursday and Friday

Yesterday I was not feeling well so I didn’t get much of anything done! I did manage to call my mom and wish her a “happy birthday”.
Here are my “to-do’s” for Friday:

Finish anything I didn’t do yesterday (Hannah and Charlotte’s laundry, clean the floors downstairs)
Straighten up the office
Make two phone calls
Go over “Keepers at Home” curriculum
Homeschool: Mia–cooking, read from BEAUTIFUL GIRLHOOD
Christian–Letters, tangrams
Hannah–colors, tangrams
Charlotte–walking, being cute ;-), read with mom
“Wipedowns” throughout the house
Hopefully watch a movie with Hubby!

Blessings to you all!


We’re off to the beach! This was almost last minute (decided upon last night). The kiddies are very excited!
Today’s “to-do’s” are these:

Shower for mom
Pack a picnic lunch
Meet friends at their house
Follow them to the beach! πŸ™‚
Have fun!
Come home and rest
Bathe everyone (and clean out sand from everywhere)

We are having a busy week outside of the house; but, where we live we have very loooong winters and so we must take advantage of the nice weather when we have it! I have heard some people joke about everything coming to a stop here when summer shows up! (There have been times when we still need sweaters and jackets in June!) After months of single digit to below zero temperatures, and being stuck indoors, we welcome the warm weather. And, so, in the summertime I allow for frequent interruptions like these that I wouldn’t normally do so often during our regular school year. We do some schooling during the summer, but keep it light-mostly doing review work so as to be able to be flexible while keeping them brushed up on things.
Have a blessed day everyone!

Tuesday’s "To-Do’s"

We will be off schedule today so my list will not be very long. We will be out all morning and then have company for the afternoon.
Here goes:
littles down for a nap (I included these last two b/c today they are not at the regularly scheduled time)
blog (maybe, unless my company is already here)
mail Grandma’s birthday card
email recipes to my sister
return phone calls

Once again; and as with all of my lists this week, I will be posting mostly what is not already in my regular schedule. It is usually just the extras I have to do.
Have a blessed day!


I am sure everyone is aware of the situation in the Middle East, and now the G8 is calling for “peace in the middle east”…hmmm…a 7 year peace treaty perhaps? I get goosebumps thinking about it.
Those who don’t know or refuse Jesus, be warned…

A week of "To Do" Lists

Over at Candy’s site (see sidebar), she has proposed posting our “to-do” lists for the week. I am going to participate, and post my lists here as well. This list works along with my daily schedule, which I will post when I have more time, so I have left out the obvious. So here goes:

Mom and Dad’s laundry
Clean Appliances
Homeschool: Mia-Calculadder drills, Math-It, Sewing Machine Fun
Christian-Letters, Foam Patterns
Hannah-Colors, Shapes
Charlotte-Well, you know, practice walking?
Make Jelly
Make Grandma’s and Aunt Connie’s birthday cards
Stir Sourdough starter

More to come…

Our Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend! Hubby was off for four days. Saturday we just hung out together; Mia and I went grocery shopping, and later that evening the Mr. went to visit with a friend for a few hours.
Sunday morning was church, and then an afternoon nap, then a cookout at a neighbor’s house. We had a great time visiting with their family members who are in town for the week. Our friend’s parents are wonderful to talk to and it had been two years since we had seen them last.
Monday we had our own cookout here with friends from church. It was a pleasant and relaxing day. The Mr.’s hung out together while we took our little lambs to the park to play. We had great food and great company! Wish I had taken pictures…
Tuesday was a very relaxing day–Hubby took the kiddies to the park to play so I could rest (I have been cooking a lot this week!), then we all just hung out together. We ate a pork roast, arroz con gandules (?), and strawberry shortcake–which came out excellent! After we cleaned up from dinner we headed out to the “big boot store” (those who know us know where that is) to watch the fireworks. We wandered around looking at all of the camping gear, the water and the fish, then had Ben and Jerry’s ice cream cones and settled next to the water to watch the show. There was a free concert (brass instruments) that we enjoyed while we were waiting. When the fireworks started, Hannah kept us all in stitches with her giddy laughter! I think she made the show even more enjoyable! With every “BOOM” would follow an episode of contagious giggles! πŸ™‚ Then we came home and collapsed (two children were in our bed!)