Highly Contagious!

Well it started with Baby Stuff, then spread to 3yo, then 4yo, then 13yo…Conjunctivitis–more commonly known as Pink Eye! So far Hubby, myself, and 7yo haven’t gotten it. We are doing lots of hand washing and trying to keep Christian away from the other children. It was easy enough to do when he could play outside, but now it’s raining; so we’ll see…He’s old enough, though to be able to keep his distance. It’s the babies staying away from him that will be tough.
On top of that, 3yo has a double ear infection, and Baby Stuff has a double ear infection in which her right ear drum ruptured, plus a sinus infection. Needless to say, they are miserable although they never give me any indication that their ears are bothering them.
So no church for us tomorrow–we need to keep this gang quarrantined (?) for 48 hours before they aren’t contagious anymore.


Spend a Day With Me

Here is how my day went today:

After waking up, doing my devotions and seeing Hubby off to work, I got back into bed for awhile because I had a bad headache.
3yo woke up about 15 minutes later and decided to join me in bed, but she did not go back to sleep! She lay there with me for another maybe 10 minutes, and then we had to get up. I stripped my bed for the wash, went downstairs and started the washer.

4yo joined us, and I put on a Baby Einstein DVD for them while I showered and dressed.
This is what I wore today:

When I came downstairs, 7yo was up and digging in his Pirate treasure kit from Usborne. Our order arrived yesterday with books for all!

I took this opportunity to run next door and let our neighbor’s dog out and feed her.

Then I came back, switched the laundry, started the next load, and started breakfast.
We had migas and toast with butter. (Migas are fried, cut up corn tortillas with scrambled eggs).
The littles helped crack and scramble the eggs. We read Psalm 5 at breakfast.
After that we cleaned up from breakfast, then brushed our teeth and the kiddies dressed, and then went upstairs for the children’s chores. This took waaaaayyy longer than it should have because they all had bad attitudes today! I didn’t get my regularly scheduled cleaning done because I was supervising them more than I should have had to. But I took the opportunity to clean some under my bed and the master closet, so all was not lost!
Christian cleaning the table and chairs after breakfast:
Are we supposed to be cleaning here? I should have taken an after picture. I promise it was clean afterwards!
Mia scrubbing the walls and door jamb of the upstairs bathroom.Somewhere during this time I got a call from my neighbor. She had gotten a call from someone in the neighborhood who had their dog–apparently she had somehow gotten out of the yard. So I had to go check on that. Strangely enough, the dog was in the yard, and I could find no sign of how she got out of the yard. But I put her on her leash and brought her on over to play at our house.
After that we took a short break, then had a snack and read aloud. We read from The Wind in the Willows and Five Little Peppers and How They Grew (see sidebar under “Current Family Read Aloud”).
The littles spread blankets on the floor to have their snack while they listen. Mia sat on Hubby’s chair and drew the story as she listened. (She’s always singing, drawing, or reading!)

Then we moved into Circle Time, and then school work. Baby Stuff, 3, and 4 yo played in and out of doors while I worked with the other two.

One of the books that came in yesterday was about Anne Frank. Mia read the entire book yesterday and last night, and decided today that she wanted to read some more about Hitler, which is what she is doing here.

She aslo did some math, spelling (above), and writing.
Christian filled in his weather graph, worked in his arithmetic workbook, a few pages in Explode the Code, and read some Bob books.

Reading the New Testament at 3 years old! πŸ˜‰
Destroying the living room but playing ever so nicely together!
I switched more laundry and folded my sheets until I could put them on the bed later in the day.
When we were finished I started lunch on the grill.

We had cheeseburgers, steamed mixed veggies, and potato chips. The littles wanted to eat outside on their picnic table since the weather was so nice. So I let them, although I think the dogs ate more than the children!

Mia and I ate inside and watched Samantha Brown on the travel channel. She loves that show and I don’t mind her watching it because it is very educational. Although I didn’t get a picture of it, Baby Stuff fell asleep in her highchair waiting for lunch, so she didn’t get to eat! I moved her to bed before we ate.
After cleanup, Mia changed Charlotte’s diaper while I made my bed. I ran the neighbor’s dog (Gracie) back next door quickly. Then Charlotte decided that my bed would be a good spot to rest, so she snuck right up in there and made herself quite comfy!

See her big blue eyes peeking from under the covers? And of course, twirling her hair as she always does when she’s tired.
Now all this time my headache never went away so I laid down with her and went to sleep instead of reading. I also slept much longer because of it. Baby Stuff and Charlotte got up before me. During my nap, Mia read and Christian and Hannah played nicely together. (They were allowed one snack, though, and they managed to make quite a mess with it. 8-$)
When I woke up Hubby was home and was playing with the little girls and watching an old black and white Dennis the Menace episode. I joined him for a little while after taking some Tylenol for my headache. Mia was checking her email and Christian and Hannah were playing outside.

When I felt a little better I started dinner (homemade pizza) while the kids all cleaned up (themselves and the living room).
Here is the sauce and sausage cooking:
The crust:

I quickly finished the first pizza to get it finished right away while the littles helped me with the other one.
Before the oven:
After the oven: YUM!

And the finished product:
After dinner I strapped Baby Stuff to my back and headed out the door for a quick mile walk, while the kids did their table/kitchen chores. After Mia finished the dishes she practiced her violin.
Then I read to the kiddies while Hubby relaxed and watched some t.v. No baths tonight–due to my headache and Hubby being extra tired after washing an airplane today. So after reading Hubby tucked all the littles in while I nursed the baby and hung out with Mia.
Then, since he was so tired, he watched a little baseball on the computer while I got some cleaning done that I didn’t get to do earlier. I mopped the kitchen and downstairs bathroom, and wiped down some of the kitchen walls and the stove and dishwasher. I also did some more laundry.
Voila! A beautifully clean kitchen:

Now I am on the computer and then it’s off to bed once I am finished here. Tomorrow is Friday and hopefully Hubby and I will get to watch a movie together tomorrow night.
What I didn’t get done today:
Science and History during homeschool
Playing outside with the kids
Bathe littles
Spending a little more time with Hubby

These are all part of our regular day but because of my headache I needed some extra rest. But that is the beauty of having a plan. If I didn’t have one I wouldn’t have gotten nearly as much done as I did. My head was pounding so hard I wouldn’t have been able to think about what to do next, but since it was all laid out for me I didn’t have to think.
Now, I must be off to bed!


So I am actually going to be able to contribute to Candy’s church post.
Here is some of the view on the way:

This is a park; and you can see this big hill in the background that is GREAT for sledding down in the winter! 😎
The outdoor view. Our church is called TNT Bible Ministries. TNT stands for “Truth not Theory”. It is a non-denominational church; teaching straight from the KJV.

The entryway. Straight ahead there is a door, which is just another door into the sanctuary (same as to the right). On the left is a table with info. about the church, sign up sheets for various events/ministries, missionary info., etc. Past the table there is a stairway going downstairs. It leads to the restroom, kitchen, a large fellowship hall which doubles as a children’s Sunday School room, a nursing mom’s room/changing station (it is quite lovely and peaceful in there!), and the other children’s classrooms. Then of course there is the usual “other” stuff, such as cleaning closet, offices, etc.

The sanctuary:
Praise and Worship:
Our regular pastor and his wife were gone this week visiting their daughter in another state. The gentleman in the middle filled in for him. He is in the Navy like my hubby. It’s funny because I knew his wife from the women’s bible study on the base, and my hubby knew him from work (they talked often because of their shared faith), and we didn’t know we all knew each other until we started attending this church!

Hubby and Baby Stuff. (Sorry I got you partially closing your eyes Hubby!)

Baby Stuff putting her offering in the offering bag:
What I didn’t get was a picture of the lovely little lake on the property behind the church. It is at the back of the parking lot, and has a tiny little pier with a paddle boat that is the church’s property. We only started attending here near the beginning of the year when everything was covered with snow, so hopefully we can enjoy the lake this summer. I will try to remember to take some pictures next time!
Hubby and I really love this church. We had been attending a Southern Baptist Church before since we moved here five years ago. By the time we leave here we will have been here for 7 years, which is a long time to be stationed in one place. But the Navy would much rather keep us in one place than pay to move such a “large” family (as they say). We are rather sorry we will only be at this church a short while before having to move (next summer), but are grateful we are here now!
Plain and simple, this church loves Jesus and are not afraid to preach the Gospel, and feels a strong tug from God to emphasize prayer. Our services are simple: Praise and worship, and prayer, the congregation has a chance to share any testimonies, and then we greet each other. Then more prayer and praise and worship. Then, the parents HAVE A CHOICE whether they want to send their children to their classes, or they are welcome to stay. Yes, there is some noise from children throughout, but it is welcome noise. Children are not a disruption, and if there is an instance where they are becoming one (mine included!) the parents are respectful enough to see to it and others are respectful enough to not get angry! On our first visit to this church, we were very much impressed with the fact that they are not just “child-friendly”, they genuinely love children! And, they guard them closely. If you choose to put your children in the classes, they don’t let just anyone teach. They do a screening, including a background check before anyone is allowed with these precious children.

Now, that said, when the children are dismissed, which is after a good 45 minutes to an hour, we dig into our bibles and learn. We stand as we read scripture, then our pastor speaks, sometimes we have more praise and worship, and then it’s over after maybe another 30-45 minutes.
Simple and straightforward!

Now for the rest of the day; it is beautiful and the kiddies have been in and out. We are relaxing, reading, playing. I am hoping to maybe get us all out for a walk later. We are barbecueing (?) polish sausages. I hope to trace and cut out my Regency dress pattern, and maybe sew up some more cloth menstrual pads. (As an aside, I have had the most cycles this year than I have since before my second child was born. Usually I am pregnant after one cycle and so I never bother to build up a big stash of mama pads. But God sees fit to do otherwise this time around and so I must start some sewing!)
Hope everyone is having a blessed Sabbath.

God be with you all!

Okay, so maybe a little bit of our day

I wasn’t going to post our “typical” day on Friday, but I did manage to capture a little bit of it:

Making peanut butter playdough:

Playing with peanut butter playdough:

Eating peanut butter playdough:

Big brother teaching sister to ride on two wheels:
A little outdoor reading and Teeccino:

Do-it yourself Hitler mustache:
All you need is snot and dirt!And just being cute!

  1. Then I decided that since I had the time today I would catch up on some kitchen duties. So I made cream cheese and whey:

Then I again tried Candy’s amazing bread recipe:
I started to pull out my wheat berries and grinder , then decided against it in case the bread didn’t turn out. I used stone-ground whole wheat flour from the store.
So far so good…
But my bread never rose. This is my third attempt at sourdough bread, and all with the same results: flat, hard, dense bread.
This is what the kiddies did while I worked in the kitchen:

Baby Stuff played with animal cracker puzzles in her highchair.
The littles did schoolwork/coloring at the small table in the kitchen……until my now 3yo decided washing dishes would be more fun!

So that’s all I have for the day. After lunch hubby came home early because they had a Change-of-Command ceremony (a new Skipper at their squadron), and he called for relaxed remainder of the day which I didn’t get in pictures because I was busy hanging out with him!

Not Yet

I am so scatterbrained lately! There has been so much going on. I can’t post my day today because it is another “out of the ordinary” day. Mia has a morning and evening performance today of High School Musical. This is the last weekend, so hopefully things will be back to normal by Monday.
Besides that, I was up late again. Hubby has a uniform inspection today, so I was sewing last night (on the new machine that Hubby bought me! 😎 ), and I had to give him a haircut….

This is the stuff life is made of…I thank God that he is giving me peace about giving my days over to Him, because we have not followed the schedule these last two weeks! Meal times and nap/bedtimes have stayed the same, and the laundry schedule (pretty much), so there is some semblance of order.
I really hope to get that post up soon…

Not Today

I had planned on doing a “Day in the Life of Me” post today, but I forgot that hubby had a watch last night from midnight to eight this morning. So he will be home and trying to rest, and we will not have a “typical” day so we won’t disturb him. I will probably try and take the children out for awhile today, somewhere fun, just to cut down on the noise in the house. Tomorrow should be back to “normal”, and I can get the pictures taken and get the post up.

How I Clean

So I’ve had to simplify big time because I have been finding that since Baby Stuff came along, having so many littles at one time makes it more difficult to get stuff done.

I have two 45 minute cleaning times scheduled during the day–one after breakfast and one after lunch. The first is dedicated to helping the children with their work, and the second is dedicated to focus cleaning and projects. Originally the first was supposed to be for me to get my cleaning done as well as the children, but I wasn’t getting anything done since I was spending the whole time training them. My solution is that since I am getting up so early I have added some cleaning tasks to my morning routine. The reason this works is because I am using Motivated Moms as my main cleaning checklist, and I love it! It covers everything eventually, but has it all broken down into quick and easy tasks. So during my morning routine I get as much done from the list as possible, and anything that doesn’t get finished is easy to plug into the other scheduled cleaning times throughout the day. For my focus cleaning/projects, I use Flylady’s weekly missions, which takes about 15 minutes, and the rest of that time I choose a project from my own list. Things like deep cleaning the high chair, garbage cans, diaper pails, etc. happen during this time. It has been working fabulously! Another reason this works so well is because I have allowed for a lot more MARGIN in my schedule. It looks pretty busy and full, but I am not rushing everyone through the day anymore because I scheduled more time than is actually needed for a good portion of it. I also changed our laundry schedule to better suit our time.

Well, that’s it!