Confessions of a MOMY (Mother of Many Young Siblings)

I spent a lovely evening visiting with some nice ladies last Friday, when I was caught off guard by a comment from one of my friends; a young mother with 2 young boys.
“I would love to be a fly on your wall and see how you run your days,” she stated, simply.
ME?! I fought the urge to turn around to see who she was really talking to.

The reason this was such a shocker to me, is that I always considered myself to be the “mentee” (is that even a word?)–ever gleaning knowledge from those who have gone before me. I need to be the fly on the wall, I need to see how others run their days- others who have been on this journey longer than I, who, in my eyes, seem to have this “thing” figured out. (“Thing” being Christian motherhood and wife-hood, home schooling, quiverfull, etc.) Everytime I look around, I see others who seem to be light years ahead of me in this journey.

In reality, I know, that no one will ever have “things” figured out. In reality, I am probably exactly in the same spot (well, maybe not exactly, but you know what I mean) they were at one point. I just haven’t looked back to see from where I have come. I don’t want to! I want to look ahead and look forward to what God has in store for me, what He has to teach me and show me. But the comment from my friend forced me to look back, and in doing so I see how much gratitude is owed to my Creator. He has brought me out of the miry pit and has guided me along this path in His arms, and I love and thank Him for all He has done! He is the reason any of us on this journey or any are able to trudge on ahead, day after day, because He has a purpose for us! But mostly, He loves us and wants the best for us!

That being said, lest anyone fall under the false belief that I am perfect (ha ha, as much as my pride would LOVE for you to think that! πŸ˜‰ ), I have a few confessions to make:

  • I am not perfect (there’s a shocker)
  • My children are not perfect
  • Nor are they geniuses (well, I’m biased, so to me they are)
  • They do disobey
  • I have been known to raise my voice (read: YELL) at them, and the dog, and shamefully, my husband. :-$
  • Sometimes we eat cereal for meals other than breakfast.
  • More often than not, my children sleep in their clothes.
  • I have bounced checks.
  • I have missed tithe payments.
  • I have used the t.v. as a “babysitter”.
  • I have let a diaper stay on a little too long.
  • My kids don’t take baths everyday, although that is my goal.
  • We sometimes skip school for no other reason than “I am too tired to deal with this today!”
  • I am not as organized as some people seem to think.
  • Nor am I as patient as some seem to think.
  • I drink coffee when I am pregnant and nursing, and that more than I should. 8-0
  • I am on the computer more than I should be.
  • Although I try, I do not have my quiet time every day.
  • This is nowhere near the end, or even middle, of my list.

Now of course, this is by no means an exhaustive list. I could go on and on and on….and on…but who wants to sit and harp over everything that is wrong with me? I would much rather think on Jesus and the fact that He has made me a new creature in Him, that I belong to Him and am precious to Him. I can hand over this list to Him and trust in the fact that He is not finished with me yet.

Yes, there is hope for me yet!


She Mothered Five!

She Mothered Five

She mothered five!
Night after night she watched a little bed,
Night after night she cooled a fevered head,
Day after day she guarded little feet,
Taught little minds the dangers of the street,
Taught little lips to utter simple prayers,
Whispered of strength that some day would be theirs,
And trained them all to use it as they should.
She gave her babies to the nation's good.

She mothered five!
She gave her beauty--from her cheeks let fade
Their rose-blush beauty--to her mother trade.
She saw the wrinkles furrowing her brow,
Yet smiling said: "My boy grows stronger now."
When pleasures called she turned away and said:
"I dare not leave my babies to be fed
By strangers' hands; besides they are too small;
I must be near to hear them when they call."

She mothered five!
Night after night they sat about her knee
And heard her tell of what some day would be.
From her they learned that in the world outside
Are cruelty and vice and selfishness and pride;
From her they learned the wrongs they ought to shun,
What things to love, what work must still be done.
She led them through the labyrinth of youth
And brought five men and women up to truth.

She mothered five!
Her name may be unknown save to the few;
Of her the outside world but little knew;
But somewhere five are treading virtue's ways,
Serving the world and brightening its days;
Somewhere are five, who, tempted, stand upright,
Who cling to honor, keep her memory bright;
Somewhere this mother toils and is alive
No more as one, but in the breasts of five.

Edgar A. Guest