Catching Up

My last post was around Thanksgiving of last year!?!
What has happened since then?
Well, my Dear Beloved deployed to “The Desert” in December, so I and my little family wintered with my family in warmer climates. While Dad was gone, little blessing #5 was born in March while we were staying with my parents. We were away from home for about 4 months, but it was nice because we missed the harsh northern winters we have here where we live!
In April we came home–two months earlier than planned when we found out that my Dear Beloved would be coming home almost 4 weeks early! We made it home a month before him, which gave us time to prepare for him. He was delayed a few days when the time finally came; and had to make a few stops along the way, but he is here and we are now enjoying him being home with us.
Here are some pictures he took on his journey home:
These next 2 pictures are from the last leg of their trip:
They look nice and comfy, don’t they? They had to fly 9 hours like this! He said it was all worth it knowing he was coming home to us!
Some Italian scenery; one of the many stops they had to make on their journey.

A volcano…what is it’s name?


My "To Do" Journal

Inspired by Jewels at Eyes of Wonder, I have created my own daily “To Do” Journal. I still keep my HMB, but this is just a quicklist of daily reminders on a pretty page! It keeps my mind on things that are lovely!
Here are a few pictures: