Christian’s t-ball pictures

Our big boy is now five, and look at him! They finally got their uniforms in for their second game, and they sure are nice. When he modeled his uniform for me later that evening he asked me, “Is it a whole lotta cool?” They play two innings; everyone gets a chance to bat. It’s so cute to watch all these little guys hitting, catching (trying to) and throwing!


I am new to blogging, and originally set this up to comment on someone else’s, so this will be a learning process for me! I also have reservations about the time needed to keep up with one of these. Who has time for one more thing? I am a Christian mother of four (so far) , homeschool, and preparing for my husband to go on deployment for six months (he is in the Navy). And although he doesn’t leave until November, the time certainly does fly! But I would like to have a way to update family and friends our “goings on” around here, and so I will do my best to keep up!