One Month Down, Five to Go

So we made it through the first month, Christmas, the new year, and our first week back at school after a month off.

And we were fine.  We had some happenings;  a power outage, some testing from the boy (which is still continuing and I am having to correct), but nothing too serious.

I have been doing some major decluttering.  On Saturday I donated 5 large garbage bags of toys, a pink and white fisher price toybox, some plastic shelving, and a plastic Thomas table.  It all started after having a fantastic homeschool week, and waking up Saturday morning ready to reorganize their toys; except, when I took one look at the room, I cried!  Every inch of floor space was covered with clothes, books, you name it.  The funny thing is, the only toys they had were what they got for Christmas because I packed all the others away the last time their room was too messy to handle.  So I took all four of those totes that I had packed with toys and dumped them into garbage bags and they went straight to the van to be brought to Salvation Army later.  Now, they don’t even have a quarter of the toys they had before, and yet they have plenty.  It is so freeing!  Once again, I wish I had a camera.

Things that have been good since he has been gone:

  • Either my 5 yo or 7 yo will rub lotion on my legs and feet before bed.
  • The children rotate who sleeps in my bed each night, so I get some one on one time with each of them.  We will read, or watch a movie, or just talk, and it’s a special time for both of us.
  • My oldest daughter has been a gem!  She is such a help, especially when I am not feeling well–yesterday, for instance, I was sick and she not only ran the household, she took care of me as well.  I was able to rest all day and am about 90% better today.  Enough to function again.
  • My children have kept me from being bored, lonely, and lazy.  They do that anyway, but even more so when I am doing the “single parent” thing.
  • I am leaning on God more than when my husband is home.  I found I had been drifting away, neglecting our relationship, and now I can hear His still, small voice once again.
  • I am able to declutter!  It is difficult, if not impossible, when hubby is home because he likes to keep everything!  He has given me permission to get rid of anything I feel necessary to get rid of–it’s easier for him when he is not here to see everything and talk me out of getting rid of it.  This eases a lot of stress off of me since we are moving this summer!

That’s all I have time for for now.  Have a blessed day!