Monday, continued

After exercising, I rested and read for a little while, then did my devotions while the kids had nap/quiet time.
Afterwards, while the kids were playing with friends, I played with the baby.
I continued laundry, started the diapers washing, and then started dinner–meatballs in creamy sauce with whole wheat pasta and broccoli. It was yummy!
I packed some up for hubby to take to work with him tonight, and cleared the table.
12 yo is doing the dishes and will clean the kitchen, while 6 yo wipes down the table and chairs. When they are done I will do the sweeping.
In the meantime, I am going to put the laundry away, then give the littles a bath.
We will have some family time after that before daddy has to go to work, then off to bed for the kiddos.
I’ll do my before bed routine: tidy up, fill water tank, set coffee pot, take vitamins, brush my teeth and wash my face, then read before bed.
It has been a fulfilling day. I thank God for a house to clean and a family to love…


Monday, so far

Well, I was up a little late this morning and wasn’t able to do my devotions…I will have to do them later, either at rest time or before bed.
So got up, had coffee and snuggled with 2 yo and talked with 12 yo.
Started my and hubby’s laundry.
Then I bathed while the kids ate leftover baked oatmeal.
Supervised children’s chores while I popped on the computer for a little bit.
Switched laundry, then Bible study with the kids.
I did some cleaning (appliances) while the kids played, for an hour. Somewhere during that time I nursed the baby.
The kids had lunch (I realize that I have been just munching today, no real meals yet–not good!)
Then we all cleaned up from lunch, I folded a load of laundry, switched one load to the dryer and started the last load.
The children were eager to get it done because I told them I would take them to the park afterwards. So to the park we went. It was hot, we had fun, stayed an hour and now here we are!
The kiddies are having a snack and some ice water (refreshing!) and watching a video while I pop on the computer again. In a minute I am going to go down and read to them, put the littles down for their naps, get the others set up with a quiet activity and then exercise. Candy turned me on to The Firm series, although I don’t think I use the same tapes as she does. Today I am going to do Body Sculpting System . I got the Fanny lifter for free–my neighbor was throwing it out, and I was able to find the VHS tapes for about $1.34 plus shipping, online somewhere.
And so, I am off until later…


The Lord’s Day!

The usual; wake up, devotions, breakfast.
Then, dress for church. It was Sunday School step-day, where everyone moves up into the next class for the year.
Hubby and I taught our little class about Peter and how his friends helped him by praying for him.
Then I left for a few minutes to each of my children’s classroom for their stepping up “ceremonies”, and walked them to their new classrooms.
After Sunday School, I got the kids settled in church with my dear friend while I drove hubby home quickly. Poor hubby! He tried really hard to make it through, but he had worked the night before and got home around 5 am, slept for about 2 hours, and then got up for church! So I drove him home so he could sleep, as we had to be back at church at 4 pm for a Sunday School Teacher Appreciation picnic/ceremony. We live just around the corner from church, so it didn’t take me 10 minutes to get him home and get back.
Of course, once I got back to church, baby needed nursing, so into the nursery I went to feed her. (We are not forced to leave the Sanctuary to nurse, of course, but I just do for modesty and comfort reasons.)
Then finally into church we headed, the baby and I…
After church, we dropped off our neighbor’s son, who has been coming to church with us, then the kiddos and I went to Taco Bell to pick up some lunch per dad’s request.
Came home, ate, then quiet/rest time for all.
Hubby got up while I was resting to eat his food, and the next thing I knew it was 3:53 pm! I had fallen asleep! Hubby was downstairs, and the kiddos were in the backyard playing. 2 yo was still asleep.
I quickly jumped out of bed, woke up 2 yo and started getting everyone ready for the picnic. I didn’t even make anything to bring! :-&
So, we gathered everyone up, hopped in the van, stopped by the grocery store, and then headed
to the church.
We had a lovely time, and, although there was a lot of food, I was not very hungry and only ate a little. (I think I was still full from our lunch of Taco Bell.)
The children did not behave well during the ceremony part–hubby and I had to stand up front and the children were left in their seats alone, after having too many sweets.
When we got home, they were in for a big one from Daddy! He had a big talk with/to them while they sat on the couch. He had to go over the rules again, and they lost some privileges and 3 yo even had to get a spanking.
After that, he read a bible story to them, and they got ready for bed.
Then our neighbor stopped by so hubby and I went out on the porch and chatted with her while the kiddos were brushing their teeth.
Bedtime for the kiddies, then I had to return a phone call to my friend about our plans for the week. This week seems to be the only week this summer we are able to do anything! Since 6 yo had broken his leg he was in a cast most of the summer. It came off about 2 weeks ago, and with vacation time and whatnot, this is going to be a busy week. Then back to home school next week.
Hubby went to work, and I read until bedtime…


Since we had so much fun the day before, we had some catching up to do on Saturday!
So, after breakfast of course, and the dressing and the brushing of the teeth, we went right to work on chores. An early morning phone call from 12 yo’s violin teacher changed our morning plans–she had to cancel for the next two weeks to visit her son in another state. That gave us more time to catch up on our work.
I put dinner in the crockpot; beef stew.
The littles picked up items and toys that were not in their proper places, to free us up to clean the floors.
Swept and mopped downstairs, while 6 and 12 yo cleaned out the van.
2 &3 yo played out in the backyard.
Then, they all came in and we took a break.
12 yo did upstairs floor (which I had to inspect and have her do over since she tried to get away with not filling the mop bucket! :-&), while hubby played with the littles.
Then lunch, and rest/nap time.
I fell asleep and ended up sleeping longer than I had planned! We had afternoon errands to run and that sort of threw us off schedule.
So, while hubby went to the bank, I fed the kiddos dinner (with 12 yo’s help), nursed the baby, then prepared everyone to go out.
After hubby returned we all went out and ran our errands. By the time we got home it was bedtime for the littles.
I put the baby to sleep, and then hubby, 12 yo and I hung out for awhile in our bedroom and talked for awhile.
Then, 12 yo went to bed, hubby fell asleep, and I read for awhile before falling asleep.

The days of our lives…

Okay, so I’m late doing this, but who has time to blog?
I will start with Friday, since it was soooo fabulously wonderful….Here goes:

Friday, August 24:

Woke up around 5 am, did my devotions, then showered, dressed, then started breakfast.
I didn’t need to start any laundry, since it was 12yo’s day to do hers.
We had breakfast; baked oatmeal and sliced oranges, and milk.
The kids got dressed, and brushed their teeth.
Then we headed out for the day; first to 6yo’s x-ray, which, it turns out, wasn’t until next week! 8-0
Anyways, that made us early for Hubby’s MANDATORY squadron picnic, which turned out to be a good thing. They were setting up still, and there weren’t any other kids there, so the kiddos got to be the first ones to use the bounce around, rock climbing wall, and the blow up airplane maze. I think they got the longest turns just because no one else was there yet. Then we ate, the kids got their faces painted, and then got to visit with Mickey and Minnie Mouse.
Since we had already gotten to use the “fun stuff”, I took the kids to the playground while hubby held the baby and visited with his friends (and in the meantime made his appearance to his 1st Class supervisor to verify he was there). We just about had the whole playground to ourselves since all of the other kids were busy waiting in line to use the “fun stuff”.
While at the playground, I ran into someone that we knew from another duty station through mutual friends over 5 years ago! (It’s a small Navy indeed!)
After playing, we got the kids some cotton candy, and then headed over to the beach area. The tide was *very* low, so, they played in the mud! πŸ™‚ There were quite a few people out there “clamming”, and one friendly gentleman helped the kiddos find some clams to take home. They were very pleased and muddy by then, and ready to go home.
After rinsing off, we loaded up in the van and headed home.
Once home, around 3:30 pm, everyone had baths, and then had a very light snack-type supper since we had a huge barbecue lunch.
We all settled in the living room together and watched a movie (I don’t remember which?).
Then early bedtime for all…Hubby fell asleep around 7:30. He has been working nights and his body’s schedule wasn’t adjusted to being awake during the day.
I read a little before finally going to sleep…
So we had our family fun day on Friday…