A Window Mistreatment, or Downright Abuse? (And other happenings…)

I am two days late, but I try not to blog but on Wednesdays and/or Fridays.  I am joining the Nester’s Mistreatment Partay, although I would say my “mistreatment” is more like window abuse.  I mean, for one thing, after measuring the fabric to the right length of the window, I cut it and it was way too short.  What?  My solution?  Hammer it up there anyway!  In pieces.  Then it was still too high and since this is all about lazy perfectionism, I decided to fix it by folding a length of black gingham fabric in half lengthwise, holding it together with curtain clips, and then hanging it by those with more upholstery tacks.  And not even fancy ones.  They look like push pins.  But they work.  And if you turn your attention away from the window abuse for just a second (not any longer, please!  It’s too painful!) you will notice finger and handprints on the panes, spider webs, legos, a messy high chair, perhaps the empty shipment box of recently received homeschool supplies…what else?  Oh, and empty cups and perhaps other dishes or trash left from lunch?  (I could use the excuse that we had company for lunch, but this has sadly been the norm for us for about the last couple of weeks…explanation later.)  Also, we live in military housing, so my decorating options are quite slim.  We cannot change lighting fixtures or paint the wall, so  I have to work with what little I have.  And one last thing; I don’t like to take my time taking pictures, so they never turn out great.  I would rather be in the action and assign someone else to capture life’s moments for me, just so long as we have it recorded.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I can take great pictures when I want to, but most of the time I just want it to be done with.  So these pictures aren’t the best.

Well, without further ado, here are the pictures:

I meant to center this, but I am too lazy to fix it.  Oh well.

Now, on to other things.

The Moose Safari.  It was $60 a person, a 3 hour ride in a 15 passenger van (they could have borrowed ours for free!) down backroads that are available to the general public.  They got a 3 second glimpse of a baby moose’s rear-end before it spooked and ran away.  My friend wasn’t all that thrilled about going in the first place; the actual trip didn’t change her mind.  I told her she could have spent $6 a person at a nearby animal park, guaranteed to see a moose because they have a family of them, plus other local wildlife, and you can feed the animals because they can’t run away.  She said she would do that next time…  I only wanted to tell this story because I LOVE  to say (or type) the words “Moose Safari”.  Moose safari.  Moose safari.  Try it.  You’ll be hooked.

And now,  the best for last–We found out we are expecting blessing #6 sometime in the spring.  I have been sick and tired and tired and sick and a little more sick and a lot more tired.  So only the bare necessities have been taken care of.  My sweet husband and oldest daughter have helped with cooking dinner and cleaning up downstairs while I have been laid out on my sofa or doubled over the toilet.  We go on vacation this Saturday.  I hope I don’t ruin it for everyone!

That’s all folks!


Moose Safari

Our friends have family in town.  They will be away this weekend on a Moose Safari. I will get the details from them later…