May Day, Cinco de Mayo, and a Month Old!

For Mayday we made paper plate baskets, and watercolor coffee filter flowers.

Our supplies:

  • coffee filters
  • green pipe cleaners
  • watercolors, brushes, water
  • flimsy paper plates
  • stapler
  • assorted flower stickers

First, we watercolored the coffee filters and hung our “flowers” out to dry.  Then we made and decorated the baskets.

The finished products:


The Cinco de Mayo flag idea I got from here.


The results:


They started to color the center column just like they saw it in the atlas, then they decided to redesign what they thought it should look like.  I live with creative children…

BTW, my son took the final pics. of the flags; that’s his shadow you see.

And now, for little man, at one month:


And a shot of him and his big baby blues:



Schedule, Revised

I had to examine our schedule and make some changes, so here is the revised schedule:

Our Circle Time

This is what we are currently doing during Circle Time:

The Character Building book has 3 stories and one review for each character trait it teaches, so we do one a day and review the definition each day for four days. They are short and yet they get the point across in a way that makes sense to small children. We also do the Proverbs Flashcards for 4 days, and then on Friday we do the Catechism. And prayer is everyday, of course.
I read the Bible at breakfast and lunch. This works out the best for us because I can be sure that the littles will be sitting and listening.

Well, that’s our Circle Time. Next I’ll post what we do for preschool.


Violence in School

What is this world coming to?