Keepin’ it Real

Look at what happened:

The Closet Exploded

I was giving my girls a bath in my tub when we heard a large crash, to which they immediately shouted (all 3, in unison): “I DIDN’T DO IT!”  At first I thought the baby tub had fallen off of the counter behind me (I store it in my tub and set it there while I bathed the girls).  Then I saw it.  My closet was waist height with, well, stuff.  The shelving collapsed, and everything was in a pile on the floor.  We had to get rid of our bedroom dressers when we moved so all of our clothes were either hanging up or in shelves in our closet.  So what you see above is about 80% of what was in there. My husband is in there moving everything out so he can find the parts to hang the shelving back up.  He already patched up the holes–and where have we been sleeping, you ask?  Camping out in front of the Christmas tree, of course!  It’s actually been fun but female hips can only take so much of sleeping on the floor.

You know, the mess wouldn’t be so bad but I have been having to dig through the piles to find anything to wear these last few days, so it only makes it worse!

So, why did this happen?  Is it because it wasn’t a very sturdy shelf or is it because we have too much stuff?  The answer is a little of the former and quite a bit of the latter! Yep, look again at that little shelf up in the picture.  It’s the white thing spanned across the floor from door to window, and then look at EVERYTHING ELSE that that shelf supported.  It was bound to protest at some point!

(I just enlarged the picture and noticed some of the home school books falling out of the bookshelves.  Funny how messes breed!  I didn’t notice it when I waded in there a few minutes ago to give Roland a cup of coffee and snap the photo.)


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  1. I remember having a closet rod break and dealing with the aftermath–it was one of the few times I weeded out some clothes (I’m so bad about not getting rid of clothes I no longer wear!)…


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