The Six

The six

The six

Almost the end of the day; after dinner but before baths.  The “warmer” weather has allowed us to be outside more, which makes for some wonderfully dirt-stained kiddos!  Now evening is approaching, the sun is starting to hide and there is a chill in the air again…as well as a chill in their happy attitudes as the day’s hard play catches up with their little bodies!  But, dad wanted a recent picture of them, and we pushed through it as best we could.  This is the result.

It takes a little longer for spring to show it’s face where we live.  Our snow only recently melted and just being able to see the ground, however brownish and “un-green” it may be, is a cause for celebration for us.  The same 40-50 degree weather that prompts us to break out our coats in the fall also prompts us to break out our t-shirts in the spring!  Barbecues in brisk, runny-nose weather…we endure it knowing that warmer days are coming…

Happy Spring; a month late from us here in colder climates!


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  1. yea they all sat for you

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