Looooong, Loooooong, Day

My husband left for his 6 month deployment at 4:45 this morning. The rest of the morning and afternoon was a blur of cleaning and preparing for the evening, which was Hannah’s 5th b-day party at Chuck E. Cheese’s. What was I thinking?…Oh, yeah, I was thinking that that would give the kids something to look forward to since their daddy left this morning. In the end, it turned out to be a fun, but crazy evening. We had two potty accidents, in which I just happened to have pants in just their sizes hidden in the back of the van for Christmas that I had to open up and let them wear. I had nine children with me in my van that I was responsible for. I thank God for my friends who were there to help, and also for the two of those children who are old enough to help with all the littles. But, I am EXHAUSTED!
Now I wait to hear from my husband for the next few days to let me know he’s arrived and settled. I have another birthday next Friday (my oldest is turning 14!), and the Friday after that is when she is having her b-day sleepover…I am sending two of my younger ones next door on that night in an attempt to try and curb some of the chaos in this little house…like I said, it’s an attempt.
Life is full; children keep me busy and from being lonely, and there is always something to laugh about–even if it’s not funny until later!


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