Announcement and Accountability

First, I would like to announce that we found out on Monday that we are having a boy!  Our son will finally have some backup!  That makes girls-4, boys-2.

That being said, I just wanted to pop on here quickly and make a to-do list for today, mostly to help me 1)-remember what I have to do, and 2)- motivate me to do it!  I had to run errands Monday and Tuesday–my ultrasound and then getting paperwork settled before my husband leaves next week (still couldn’t get it completely done! 8-P  )  So that leaves today for me to prepare for tomorrow!  We have 2 other families joining us for Thanksgiving, which will make a total of 11 children.  It can get crowded in here with so many people, and the children’s rooms usually get DESTROYED!  So I want to finish sorting the toys in their bedrooms and pack most of them away.  This will make it easier to clean up afterwards.  After that, everything else is pretty much cake.  Small tidying tasks here and there, and any do-ahead prep. for tomorrow’s meal.

Here is my list:

  • Sort toys in children’s rooms.
  • Clean children’s rooms.
  • Tidy bathrooms.
  • Dust living room.
  • Tidy mudroom.
  • Sweep and spot clean downstairs floors.
  • Pull out a few fall decorations. (I didn’t put any out this year!)
  • Make cranberry salad.
  • Make buttery pan rolls.
  • Do a little bit of laundry.
  • Read Thanksgiving stories to children.

I know as I am working I will find other things that need doing, but these are the majors.  Pray for me!


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  1. We found out just a few weeks ago that we are expecting a boy, too. This will make four girls and two boys for us, too. We are all so thrilled for our little guy to finally have a little brother.

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