Highly Contagious!

Well it started with Baby Stuff, then spread to 3yo, then 4yo, then 13yo…Conjunctivitis–more commonly known as Pink Eye! So far Hubby, myself, and 7yo haven’t gotten it. We are doing lots of hand washing and trying to keep Christian away from the other children. It was easy enough to do when he could play outside, but now it’s raining; so we’ll see…He’s old enough, though to be able to keep his distance. It’s the babies staying away from him that will be tough.
On top of that, 3yo has a double ear infection, and Baby Stuff has a double ear infection in which her right ear drum ruptured, plus a sinus infection. Needless to say, they are miserable although they never give me any indication that their ears are bothering them.
So no church for us tomorrow–we need to keep this gang quarrantined (?) for 48 hours before they aren’t contagious anymore.


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  1. Hope the little ones get better soon. It was nice talking to you the other day.

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