Okay, so maybe a little bit of our day

I wasn’t going to post our “typical” day on Friday, but I did manage to capture a little bit of it:

Making peanut butter playdough:

Playing with peanut butter playdough:

Eating peanut butter playdough:

Big brother teaching sister to ride on two wheels:
A little outdoor reading and Teeccino:

Do-it yourself Hitler mustache:
All you need is snot and dirt!And just being cute!

  1. Then I decided that since I had the time today I would catch up on some kitchen duties. So I made cream cheese and whey:

Then I again tried Candy’s amazing bread recipe:
I started to pull out my wheat berries and grinder , then decided against it in case the bread didn’t turn out. I used stone-ground whole wheat flour from the store.
So far so good…
But my bread never rose. This is my third attempt at sourdough bread, and all with the same results: flat, hard, dense bread.
This is what the kiddies did while I worked in the kitchen:

Baby Stuff played with animal cracker puzzles in her highchair.
The littles did schoolwork/coloring at the small table in the kitchen……until my now 3yo decided washing dishes would be more fun!

So that’s all I have for the day. After lunch hubby came home early because they had a Change-of-Command ceremony (a new Skipper at their squadron), and he called for relaxed remainder of the day which I didn’t get in pictures because I was busy hanging out with him!


2 Responses

  1. LOVE the homemade Hitler mustache!!

  2. I will let you know how our bread turns out next week.

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