So I am actually going to be able to contribute to Candy’s church post.
Here is some of the view on the way:

This is a park; and you can see this big hill in the background that is GREAT for sledding down in the winter! 😎
The outdoor view. Our church is called TNT Bible Ministries. TNT stands for “Truth not Theory”. It is a non-denominational church; teaching straight from the KJV.

The entryway. Straight ahead there is a door, which is just another door into the sanctuary (same as to the right). On the left is a table with info. about the church, sign up sheets for various events/ministries, missionary info., etc. Past the table there is a stairway going downstairs. It leads to the restroom, kitchen, a large fellowship hall which doubles as a children’s Sunday School room, a nursing mom’s room/changing station (it is quite lovely and peaceful in there!), and the other children’s classrooms. Then of course there is the usual “other” stuff, such as cleaning closet, offices, etc.

The sanctuary:
Praise and Worship:
Our regular pastor and his wife were gone this week visiting their daughter in another state. The gentleman in the middle filled in for him. He is in the Navy like my hubby. It’s funny because I knew his wife from the women’s bible study on the base, and my hubby knew him from work (they talked often because of their shared faith), and we didn’t know we all knew each other until we started attending this church!

Hubby and Baby Stuff. (Sorry I got you partially closing your eyes Hubby!)

Baby Stuff putting her offering in the offering bag:
What I didn’t get was a picture of the lovely little lake on the property behind the church. It is at the back of the parking lot, and has a tiny little pier with a paddle boat that is the church’s property. We only started attending here near the beginning of the year when everything was covered with snow, so hopefully we can enjoy the lake this summer. I will try to remember to take some pictures next time!
Hubby and I really love this church. We had been attending a Southern Baptist Church before since we moved here five years ago. By the time we leave here we will have been here for 7 years, which is a long time to be stationed in one place. But the Navy would much rather keep us in one place than pay to move such a “large” family (as they say). We are rather sorry we will only be at this church a short while before having to move (next summer), but are grateful we are here now!
Plain and simple, this church loves Jesus and are not afraid to preach the Gospel, and feels a strong tug from God to emphasize prayer. Our services are simple: Praise and worship, and prayer, the congregation has a chance to share any testimonies, and then we greet each other. Then more prayer and praise and worship. Then, the parents HAVE A CHOICE whether they want to send their children to their classes, or they are welcome to stay. Yes, there is some noise from children throughout, but it is welcome noise. Children are not a disruption, and if there is an instance where they are becoming one (mine included!) the parents are respectful enough to see to it and others are respectful enough to not get angry! On our first visit to this church, we were very much impressed with the fact that they are not just “child-friendly”, they genuinely love children! And, they guard them closely. If you choose to put your children in the classes, they don’t let just anyone teach. They do a screening, including a background check before anyone is allowed with these precious children.

Now, that said, when the children are dismissed, which is after a good 45 minutes to an hour, we dig into our bibles and learn. We stand as we read scripture, then our pastor speaks, sometimes we have more praise and worship, and then it’s over after maybe another 30-45 minutes.
Simple and straightforward!

Now for the rest of the day; it is beautiful and the kiddies have been in and out. We are relaxing, reading, playing. I am hoping to maybe get us all out for a walk later. We are barbecueing (?) polish sausages. I hope to trace and cut out my Regency dress pattern, and maybe sew up some more cloth menstrual pads. (As an aside, I have had the most cycles this year than I have since before my second child was born. Usually I am pregnant after one cycle and so I never bother to build up a big stash of mama pads. But God sees fit to do otherwise this time around and so I must start some sewing!)
Hope everyone is having a blessed Sabbath.

God be with you all!


3 Responses

  1. hey, who is the regency dress for? you know the goodwill near me has an AWESOME amount of older patterns from when girls dressed like girls!!

  2. Your church sounds fabulous. I just updated my church post, if you want to stop by. We ended up missing the morning service, but we attended the picnic, and the special afternoon service, then joined in on some fun and games outside. πŸ™‚

  3. It looks like it’s in a pretty setting.

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