Not Yet

I am so scatterbrained lately! There has been so much going on. I can’t post my day today because it is another “out of the ordinary” day. Mia has a morning and evening performance today of High School Musical. This is the last weekend, so hopefully things will be back to normal by Monday.
Besides that, I was up late again. Hubby has a uniform inspection today, so I was sewing last night (on the new machine that Hubby bought me! 😎 ), and I had to give him a haircut….

This is the stuff life is made of…I thank God that he is giving me peace about giving my days over to Him, because we have not followed the schedule these last two weeks! Meal times and nap/bedtimes have stayed the same, and the laundry schedule (pretty much), so there is some semblance of order.
I really hope to get that post up soon…


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