How I Clean

So I’ve had to simplify big time because I have been finding that since Baby Stuff came along, having so many littles at one time makes it more difficult to get stuff done.

I have two 45 minute cleaning times scheduled during the day–one after breakfast and one after lunch. The first is dedicated to helping the children with their work, and the second is dedicated to focus cleaning and projects. Originally the first was supposed to be for me to get my cleaning done as well as the children, but I wasn’t getting anything done since I was spending the whole time training them. My solution is that since I am getting up so early I have added some cleaning tasks to my morning routine. The reason this works is because I am using Motivated Moms as my main cleaning checklist, and I love it! It covers everything eventually, but has it all broken down into quick and easy tasks. So during my morning routine I get as much done from the list as possible, and anything that doesn’t get finished is easy to plug into the other scheduled cleaning times throughout the day. For my focus cleaning/projects, I use Flylady’s weekly missions, which takes about 15 minutes, and the rest of that time I choose a project from my own list. Things like deep cleaning the high chair, garbage cans, diaper pails, etc. happen during this time. It has been working fabulously! Another reason this works so well is because I have allowed for a lot more MARGIN in my schedule. It looks pretty busy and full, but I am not rushing everyone through the day anymore because I scheduled more time than is actually needed for a good portion of it. I also changed our laundry schedule to better suit our time.

Well, that’s it!


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