Oh Joy of Joys!

Doth mine ears deceive me? I must be mistaken, because I thought I heard that our high was going to be 72 degrees today! Do I dare hope? Where we live we have loooooong, coooooold winters, and reaching 40 degrees means we wishfully pull out our t-shirts in hopes of warmer weather…
I do believe Spring has finally sprung in our neck of the woods…although we we still have to wear our winter coats in the evenings until around the end of June…But I’ll take it if it means nice, warm days!
These are the days I LOVE to see my children come inside covered in dirt from their outdoor frolicks, and brown(er) from the sunshine after months of being cooped up and snowbound indoors.
And our dinner tonight reminds me of cold winter nights…oh well! We grilled steaks outdoors the other night when temps. reached only in the 50’s. If this warmer weather keeps up there will be plenty more grilling in the days to come. (I say if because we have been known to have an April snowstorm or two here. Pray that the snow is over until at least November!)

Happy Spring to you all, almost a month late from here in “Coldville”!


One Response

  1. ditto, ditto, ditto on the warm weather salutations!! Hoping we are moving into some normalcy(sp) of warm(er) weather.

    Grilling must be the “signal” of warm weather here incoldville….we grilled out too as did we smell several others in the neighborhood doing.

    I have cought your “airing out” bug!! Or spring cleaning whatever word(s) you like… Can’t wait til my yard sale to get rid of it all!!!
    Like a breath of fresh air!

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