The Lord’s Day!

The usual; wake up, devotions, breakfast.
Then, dress for church. It was Sunday School step-day, where everyone moves up into the next class for the year.
Hubby and I taught our little class about Peter and how his friends helped him by praying for him.
Then I left for a few minutes to each of my children’s classroom for their stepping up “ceremonies”, and walked them to their new classrooms.
After Sunday School, I got the kids settled in church with my dear friend while I drove hubby home quickly. Poor hubby! He tried really hard to make it through, but he had worked the night before and got home around 5 am, slept for about 2 hours, and then got up for church! So I drove him home so he could sleep, as we had to be back at church at 4 pm for a Sunday School Teacher Appreciation picnic/ceremony. We live just around the corner from church, so it didn’t take me 10 minutes to get him home and get back.
Of course, once I got back to church, baby needed nursing, so into the nursery I went to feed her. (We are not forced to leave the Sanctuary to nurse, of course, but I just do for modesty and comfort reasons.)
Then finally into church we headed, the baby and I…
After church, we dropped off our neighbor’s son, who has been coming to church with us, then the kiddos and I went to Taco Bell to pick up some lunch per dad’s request.
Came home, ate, then quiet/rest time for all.
Hubby got up while I was resting to eat his food, and the next thing I knew it was 3:53 pm! I had fallen asleep! Hubby was downstairs, and the kiddos were in the backyard playing. 2 yo was still asleep.
I quickly jumped out of bed, woke up 2 yo and started getting everyone ready for the picnic. I didn’t even make anything to bring! :-&
So, we gathered everyone up, hopped in the van, stopped by the grocery store, and then headed
to the church.
We had a lovely time, and, although there was a lot of food, I was not very hungry and only ate a little. (I think I was still full from our lunch of Taco Bell.)
The children did not behave well during the ceremony part–hubby and I had to stand up front and the children were left in their seats alone, after having too many sweets.
When we got home, they were in for a big one from Daddy! He had a big talk with/to them while they sat on the couch. He had to go over the rules again, and they lost some privileges and 3 yo even had to get a spanking.
After that, he read a bible story to them, and they got ready for bed.
Then our neighbor stopped by so hubby and I went out on the porch and chatted with her while the kiddos were brushing their teeth.
Bedtime for the kiddies, then I had to return a phone call to my friend about our plans for the week. This week seems to be the only week this summer we are able to do anything! Since 6 yo had broken his leg he was in a cast most of the summer. It came off about 2 weeks ago, and with vacation time and whatnot, this is going to be a busy week. Then back to home school next week.
Hubby went to work, and I read until bedtime…


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