Since we had so much fun the day before, we had some catching up to do on Saturday!
So, after breakfast of course, and the dressing and the brushing of the teeth, we went right to work on chores. An early morning phone call from 12 yo’s violin teacher changed our morning plans–she had to cancel for the next two weeks to visit her son in another state. That gave us more time to catch up on our work.
I put dinner in the crockpot; beef stew.
The littles picked up items and toys that were not in their proper places, to free us up to clean the floors.
Swept and mopped downstairs, while 6 and 12 yo cleaned out the van.
2 &3 yo played out in the backyard.
Then, they all came in and we took a break.
12 yo did upstairs floor (which I had to inspect and have her do over since she tried to get away with not filling the mop bucket! :-&), while hubby played with the littles.
Then lunch, and rest/nap time.
I fell asleep and ended up sleeping longer than I had planned! We had afternoon errands to run and that sort of threw us off schedule.
So, while hubby went to the bank, I fed the kiddos dinner (with 12 yo’s help), nursed the baby, then prepared everyone to go out.
After hubby returned we all went out and ran our errands. By the time we got home it was bedtime for the littles.
I put the baby to sleep, and then hubby, 12 yo and I hung out for awhile in our bedroom and talked for awhile.
Then, 12 yo went to bed, hubby fell asleep, and I read for awhile before falling asleep.


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