Monday, so far

Well, I was up a little late this morning and wasn’t able to do my devotions…I will have to do them later, either at rest time or before bed.
So got up, had coffee and snuggled with 2 yo and talked with 12 yo.
Started my and hubby’s laundry.
Then I bathed while the kids ate leftover baked oatmeal.
Supervised children’s chores while I popped on the computer for a little bit.
Switched laundry, then Bible study with the kids.
I did some cleaning (appliances) while the kids played, for an hour. Somewhere during that time I nursed the baby.
The kids had lunch (I realize that I have been just munching today, no real meals yet–not good!)
Then we all cleaned up from lunch, I folded a load of laundry, switched one load to the dryer and started the last load.
The children were eager to get it done because I told them I would take them to the park afterwards. So to the park we went. It was hot, we had fun, stayed an hour and now here we are!
The kiddies are having a snack and some ice water (refreshing!) and watching a video while I pop on the computer again. In a minute I am going to go down and read to them, put the littles down for their naps, get the others set up with a quiet activity and then exercise. Candy turned me on to The Firm series, although I don’t think I use the same tapes as she does. Today I am going to do Body Sculpting System . I got the Fanny lifter for free–my neighbor was throwing it out, and I was able to find the VHS tapes for about $1.34 plus shipping, online somewhere.
And so, I am off until later…


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