Monday, continued

After exercising, I rested and read for a little while, then did my devotions while the kids had nap/quiet time.
Afterwards, while the kids were playing with friends, I played with the baby.
I continued laundry, started the diapers washing, and then started dinner–meatballs in creamy sauce with whole wheat pasta and broccoli. It was yummy!
I packed some up for hubby to take to work with him tonight, and cleared the table.
12 yo is doing the dishes and will clean the kitchen, while 6 yo wipes down the table and chairs. When they are done I will do the sweeping.
In the meantime, I am going to put the laundry away, then give the littles a bath.
We will have some family time after that before daddy has to go to work, then off to bed for the kiddos.
I’ll do my before bed routine: tidy up, fill water tank, set coffee pot, take vitamins, brush my teeth and wash my face, then read before bed.
It has been a fulfilling day. I thank God for a house to clean and a family to love…


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