The days of our lives…

Okay, so I’m late doing this, but who has time to blog?
I will start with Friday, since it was soooo fabulously wonderful….Here goes:

Friday, August 24:

Woke up around 5 am, did my devotions, then showered, dressed, then started breakfast.
I didn’t need to start any laundry, since it was 12yo’s day to do hers.
We had breakfast; baked oatmeal and sliced oranges, and milk.
The kids got dressed, and brushed their teeth.
Then we headed out for the day; first to 6yo’s x-ray, which, it turns out, wasn’t until next week! 8-0
Anyways, that made us early for Hubby’s MANDATORY squadron picnic, which turned out to be a good thing. They were setting up still, and there weren’t any other kids there, so the kiddos got to be the first ones to use the bounce around, rock climbing wall, and the blow up airplane maze. I think they got the longest turns just because no one else was there yet. Then we ate, the kids got their faces painted, and then got to visit with Mickey and Minnie Mouse.
Since we had already gotten to use the “fun stuff”, I took the kids to the playground while hubby held the baby and visited with his friends (and in the meantime made his appearance to his 1st Class supervisor to verify he was there). We just about had the whole playground to ourselves since all of the other kids were busy waiting in line to use the “fun stuff”.
While at the playground, I ran into someone that we knew from another duty station through mutual friends over 5 years ago! (It’s a small Navy indeed!)
After playing, we got the kids some cotton candy, and then headed over to the beach area. The tide was *very* low, so, they played in the mud! 🙂 There were quite a few people out there “clamming”, and one friendly gentleman helped the kiddos find some clams to take home. They were very pleased and muddy by then, and ready to go home.
After rinsing off, we loaded up in the van and headed home.
Once home, around 3:30 pm, everyone had baths, and then had a very light snack-type supper since we had a huge barbecue lunch.
We all settled in the living room together and watched a movie (I don’t remember which?).
Then early bedtime for all…Hubby fell asleep around 7:30. He has been working nights and his body’s schedule wasn’t adjusted to being awake during the day.
I read a little before finally going to sleep…
So we had our family fun day on Friday…


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