Our Thanksgiving Menu

We had our neighbors over, along with our neighbor’s brother, his wife, and their son. So we had about 13 people here; not too shabby!
Here is what we ate:
2 Types of Stuffing
Homemade Gravy
Homemade Butter Rolls
Green Bean Casserole
Sweet Potatoes with Crumble Topping
Mashed Potatoes
Scalloped-cut Potatoes
Arroz con Gandules
Beef Brisquet
Pumpkin and Pecan Pie
Fruited Iced Tea Punch

Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving!


One Response

  1. Hi! My name is Melissa and I too have a salior stationed in the middle east. My dh left back in Sept. for the Kuwait/Iraq border. If you need any encouragement or such please let me know. melissarrogers@yahoo.com God Bless you and your family in this hectic time. (I saw your link from the keeping the home website of candy’s.) Melissa, mom/stepmom to J (ds10), S (dd9), M (dd 7), R (ds6), and K (dd 2 in feb!)

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