What I’ve been up to

Yesterday was the first day I have felt better and been able to feel almost like a normal person again! Interestingly, yesterday I was also exactly 12 weeks along in my pregnancy.
I was able to get quite a bit done today as well. My two oldest and I did an
Emergency Quick Clean today, and it is so much more comfortable in our home now. I am also going to make some bread today so hubby doesn’t have to keep running out to the store for me! My taste buds (and stomach) can’t take much more of the store bought bread.
We start school on Monday. We will also be on a
3 Week Cleaning schedule , just in case I am still not feeling 100%, and we can keep things simple. I am still getting some nausea in the evening and at night, but it is nothing like it has been the last few weeks!
Thank you to all who prayed for me!


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