Thursday and Friday

Yesterday I was not feeling well so I didn’t get much of anything done! I did manage to call my mom and wish her a “happy birthday”.
Here are my “to-do’s” for Friday:

Finish anything I didn’t do yesterday (Hannah and Charlotte’s laundry, clean the floors downstairs)
Straighten up the office
Make two phone calls
Go over “Keepers at Home” curriculum
Homeschool: Mia–cooking, read from BEAUTIFUL GIRLHOOD
Christian–Letters, tangrams
Hannah–colors, tangrams
Charlotte–walking, being cute ;-), read with mom
“Wipedowns” throughout the house
Hopefully watch a movie with Hubby!

Blessings to you all!


One Response

  1. I was homeschooled my whole childhood (along with my three siblings) so I loved your homeschool list. 🙂 Our days were often constructed loosely, with lots of hands on learning, field trips, etc. How old are your children? God bless you!

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