We’re off to the beach! This was almost last minute (decided upon last night). The kiddies are very excited!
Today’s “to-do’s” are these:

Shower for mom
Pack a picnic lunch
Meet friends at their house
Follow them to the beach! 🙂
Have fun!
Come home and rest
Bathe everyone (and clean out sand from everywhere)

We are having a busy week outside of the house; but, where we live we have very loooong winters and so we must take advantage of the nice weather when we have it! I have heard some people joke about everything coming to a stop here when summer shows up! (There have been times when we still need sweaters and jackets in June!) After months of single digit to below zero temperatures, and being stuck indoors, we welcome the warm weather. And, so, in the summertime I allow for frequent interruptions like these that I wouldn’t normally do so often during our regular school year. We do some schooling during the summer, but keep it light-mostly doing review work so as to be able to be flexible while keeping them brushed up on things.
Have a blessed day everyone!


One Response

  1. Hope you all had a lovely time at the beach.Glad to “meet” you online Jessica.Thankyou for sharing on my blog. The credit must go to my husband for making it look so lovely. I’m a bit slow when it comes to technology! But I’m hoping to learn more & gain more confidence. It’s great to be able to share & encourage one another online with like-minded sisters all over the world.
    God Bless You,

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