One of Those Days…

On first glance, this may look like a complaint post. However, it surely is not!:-) Today was one of those days that truly remind me how much I loooove being home! Monday and Tuesday of this week we were busy outside of the home and, indeed, the home suffered for it. It was a mess, and the children needed baths. (As of this writing, they still do; but that will be taken care of before bed.) And, much to my dismay, we had to buy our dinner pre-made last night rather than me preparing it at home. 😦
But, as we have had rain for I don’t know how many days now we took advantage of the sunny day today and spent the morning outside. We cleaned the yard, and then played in the water with the hose which was fun for all! After all of that hard work and fun, we came in and had lunch, then read together on the couch before going down for naps/rest. Everyone behaved well today and all were in good spirits! And, hubby came home and did not have to clean the yard since it was already done. Now he can take a much needed nap instead.
Well, the inside of the house is still rather sorry–not dirty, but in need of a good “tidy”. That won’t be too hard to take care of. We accomplished something today and had a good time; and enjoyed each other while we were at it.
Splendid! πŸ˜‰


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