Home Management Binder Part 2

So here is my Master Grocery List. I have used many pre-made lists in the past and found that they just didn’t fit my needs. I had to make my own on a spreadsheet. I divided it up by the aisles at our Commissary (where I usually shop), putting in the items I buy regularly. Then I just highlight with a highlighter which items I need, and if I have to, write in next to it how many are needed. There are also blank spaces to write in items not on my regular “staple list”. Some items are marked with an asterisk; these are items that I prefer to buy from Wal-Mart. And the very last section are items that I get from the health food store. I finally feel I have a usable grocery list. I recommend making your own if you can.

Next is the weekly menu sheet. This is the one I post for the family to see; usually in a sheet protector on the fridge.

This page is for one-a-month cooking, but I use it to plan my meals and grocery lists. I usually copy this sheet onto the back of my grocery list, just so I don’t have to shuffle papers too much. I shop for two weeks at a time, and just fill in my meal plan here, then any ingredients I need I can just flip the page over and put it onto my grocery list.
Then there is a master list of meals my family enjoys. I also keep menus and coupons for pizza and other take-out restaurants for those nights when things don’t go as planned. (You know those nights! ๐Ÿ˜‰

This next section is for holiday planning. I must admit that I have not really used this section although I do plan on it someday! This section is also where I keep my hospitality planner, where I put any ideas, guest lists, etc. I also have some conversion charts and shopping guides on cooking for large crowds that I found by doing a search online. I don’t remember where I found them but they have been helpful on occasion.

The next section is called the Medical section, which I will not show, but basically has records of doctor visits, medications, etc. for each family member, as well as our constants; such as blood types, allergies, etc. In this section I also have clothing and shoe sizes for everyone (on the left), and an ongoing “needs list” for each family member (on the right). For example, I know that Chrisitan needs new sandals I will list it under his name, and when I (or dad, or grandma) am ready to buy them then it will be easy to look up what size he needs. It’s easy to forget these things when you have so many to remember for! The “needs list” includes pets as well.

After this I have my Personal/Bible Study section. The bible study part is simply a description of the books of the bible and checklists for reading in the old and new testaments. Again, here, I have not used it as I should. The checklists have boxes to check for each chapter of each book; and although I am reading, I am not checking it off as I go. In fact, I have already gone twice and sometimes three times over and it still looks like I have not even finished! Oh well, God knows that I read His Word!

I also have some personal journal pages and articles I find helpful in this section. I really just put anything here that speaks to me and pertains to my occupation as a keeper at home. It could be poetry, quotes, articles…and I just flip to them if I need a boost.

At the end of all of this is the telephone and email/website directory. That is self-explanatory. Throughout my journal were some forms or papers that I am not using which I have since taken out; as well as a few sheets with personal information such as address, phone number, vehicle and bank information, etc. I chose not to show these for obvious reasons. And then there are extra page protectors and blank or lined paper, spiral notebook.

And that’s it! I am constantly changing, upgrading and perfecting my binder to meet our family’s needs. But for now, I hope this helps inspire others to create one of their own! ๐Ÿ™‚


3 Responses

  1. Your binder’s looking good. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. i think this is a good idea and do you plan on guiding other military wives as well in the future??

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